Andy Strutynskyj LSW, PHR
Executive Director

Andy Strutynskyj is the Executive Director of Quest Autism Programs. He is a Licensed Social Worker and has worked with children, adolescents and adults with special needs for over 20 years. He received his Master’s degree in Social Work from Kean University. Andy held positions in both for-profit and non-profit programs in New York and New Jersey. He has presented to parent groups and is an advocate for individuals with special needs. In the IDD field he has worked with the dual diagnosed, offending, and autism populations. Andy has an innate ability to identify system’s needs. As part of the New Jersey deinstitutionalization project, he helped successfully transitioned over 100 IDD individuals from institutions into community-based settings. He has strong commitment to quality-based programming which has led to growth and stability for all the organizations he has worked at.

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Amber Harris
Business Manager
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